Climate Resilience

a smokestack emission of an industrial exhaust pipes

Pennsylvania is getting warmer, and wetter – and our municipalities are on the front lines of those costs. CONNECT recognizes a growing need to address members’ contributions to climate change, as well as equitably adapt to the impacts of a changing climate.


The CONNECT Climate Action Plan…

  • Highlights our vulnerabilities
  • Includes the first inventory of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from each member’s community-wide activities
  • Establishes a feasible emissions reduction target
  • Outlines potential actions identified by stakeholders to achieve our emissions reduction, equity, and resilience goals.

With Local Climate Action Planning, CONNECT and partners seek to reduce risk, save taxpayer dollars, and improve our communities as our region changes.


Request a one-on-one meeting with CONNECT on what sustainability opportunities are currently available to your community. Participate in this regional effort by adopting the CONNECT Climate Action Plan or creating a climate action plan for your community.